Sep 24, 2017

Sandgate Golf Club

2017 Monthly Medal Qualifiers (Men)

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2017 Monthly Medal Qualifiers (Men)


Feb A Grade:        R Perro, R Howe, N DeTorres

Feb B Grade:        S Grant, M Ryder-Smith, P Campbell

Feb C Grade:         T Howard, K Larsen, C Watkins


Mar A Grade:       R Howe, M Gooding, T Knapp

Mar B Grade:       A Head, J Browne, K MacKenzie

Mar C Grade:       T Coote, M Beavis, G McQuillan

Mar C Grade:       S Rhind, J Francey, K Madsen


April A Grade:     R Mead, R Howe, S Grant

April B Grade:     G Hughes, S Andersen, B Holland

April C Grade:     B Hartfiel, J Evans, K Boyle

April D Grade:     L McKee, R Watego, W Newman


May A Grade:       R Howe, D Bryett, D Campbell

May B Grade:       C Bishop, B Werda, P Dowling

May C Grade:       A Taylor, A Coller, R Barlow

May D Grade:       J Piper, W Newman, M Saleem


June A Grade:       M Cook, R Howe, R Mead

June B Grade:       A Mortensen, T Howard, N Kunde

June C Grade:       W Edwards, N Fagan, M Beavis

June D Grade:       D Schmerl, E Henderson, T Dunne


July A Grade:       C Boal, M Gooding, D Campbell

July B Grade:       P Earner, N Bates, P Dowling

July C Grade:       A Taylor, K Boyle, P Smith

July D Grade:       T Dunne, J McNay, R Watego


Aug A Grade:       P Watson, R Howe, R Jeffs

Aug B Grade:       A Mortensen, J Gordon, D Dwyer

Aug C Grade:       B Hartfiel, M McCullagh, C Weaver

Aug D Grade:       L McKee, J Brooks, J McNay


Sep A Grade:       R Perro, M Gooding, T Wadham

Sep B Grade:       K MacKenzie, G Werda, P Campbell

Sep C Grade:       T Howard, S Brown, M Saleem

Sep D Grade:       A Strack, L McKee, J McNay


Oct A Grade:         Who will make it?

Oct B Grade:         To be decided!

Oct C Grade:          Not yet known!

Oct D Grade:         Will it be you?